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Do They Even Care About Their Reputation?

By Guest Blogger and NFL Female’s Baltimore Ravens reporter Gwen Robinson San Jose, Calif., television station KTVU-TV reported that city police arrested Chris Culliver after a hit-and-run incident Friday morning in which he allegedly struck a bicyclist and fled. Police in Atlantic City say Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice was arrested at a casino […]

30 Degrees Of Separation

By Guest Blogger Gino Arcaro After experimenting with the angle for low-cross pass routes from 1984-1989, we settled on one angle – 30-degrees. Not 25, not 45, nothing else in between. It has to be 30-degrees on the dot. The reason is that the 30-degree low cross has never been completely shut down, never been […]


  • "I am all about throwing the ball. This app has a lot of good stuff on it. I like how easy it is to find the plays. I use it as a tool to stir my thoughts if I ever start to get stale."
    - Don Kirkpatrick, QB / Receiver coach East Carolina, South Carolina Head Coach University of Tennessee @ Chattanooga Head coach
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  • "As a former NFL Quarterback you think that you have seen it all as it relates to offensive passing schemes. When I downloaded the FirstDown App I was presently surprised that I had not. It is absolutely amazing, because as an OC on the D1 level you are always looking for new and innovative passing concepts that will help you beat the most innovative defenses that seem to pop up every year. This App helps me do just that."
    -Quinn Gray Sr. Offensive Coord/QB Coach Florida A&M University
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  • "Charlie's background as an NFL Quality Control coach has served him well.  5000 football plays is a lot of plays regardless of what league they are from."
    - Dick Jauron, NFL Head Coach  Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, Buffalo Bills
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  • "It's certainly easier than digging around through a bunch of old play books looking for plays."
    - Wade Wilson, QB coach Dallas Cowboys
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  • "I like it as a reference tool. I can't wait until they come out with run game and protections!"
    - Harold Goodwin, Offensive Coordinator, Arizona Cardinals
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